Drama @ Raffles….


We meet new people daily. Its either clients we have not met or friends of friends that have not been introduced.

Yesterday I had a fun time meeting people. The first was while I was despatching Maher Zain’s CD to this office @ Raffles Place. It was raining but I still went down to send over the CDs. A promise is a promise.

Often when we are working at home, we hardly see offices.. Nice Offices. So this office is right smack just above the Burger King @ Raffles Place. And you can see from outside it is definitely not a local company. Bayer, a German Pharmaceutical company that once owned the Baygon brand. I get to know that from the receptionist. She mention that the company had sold that brand off already.

Anyways  what was amazing is the nice office design. I have a knack at modernity. I don’t have the snapshots of the office though but it is definitely a dream to have such a nice office someday. Though I still want a building.. But ok let’s start smaller first.

Anyways while getting the client to get the CD, she asked, “Where can I get more?” Luckily I brought 3 more CDs with me. So I told her I have a few more left and the transactions was made via Nets. We began to chat a bit about Maher Zain’s concert in KL and she mention that she could not go. She wished that it could be held in Singapore. Well I wished tooooo!!!

Now here’s the crazy part..

Want to hear about it? By accident I kind of kept her ATM card after the transactions. But I only realised it when I was back at the carpark looking for my cashcard. The moment I took out my cards from the wallet, I saw this weird OCBC card. Ahhhhhhhhh Noooooooo!!! So panic a bit. Parked the bike again and ran down to the office to return the card. Haiyooo so drama. Anyways how would you feel if you don’t have your ATM card with you?

Let’s create this scenario… What if I did not realise that the card was still with me at the carpark? What would happen to this poor lady? Maybe you may want to share how you feel by commenting below..

Road Blocks @ Raffles

Apparently after the F1 Race last weekend, the roads are still being blocked. I need to travel from Raffles to Masjid Sultan to meet my Printer Mr Zan. Instead of the 10 mins usual ride for that distance, it took me over 30 mins of detouring.