I want my daughter back!

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These was the words uttered by a distraught man I met yesterday in the streets.

He said, “I want my daughter back!”

It was really a strange encounter but within that many short minutes, many things could be learn.

This man by the name of “Peer Mohamed” was walking around Tampines yesterday. I was on the way to the MRT from home actually. I was stopped by him. In first glance, you would thought that he would open up a story about how poor he was and so on. But this encounter was different.

He opened up by saying, “Dear Sir, can you give my daughter back? I just want my daughter back.”

For a few seconds I was stunned I didn’t know what to say. His face was of someone who have lost hope in life.

His story…. About 1 and half years ago, his daughter met with an accident in Haig Rd area. Ever since that tragic accident, his family has lost hope in life. He was not able to focus on work and has since resigned from his Auditing job and his wife is still in a traumatic condition.

He lives with his mother now due to the unstable mental conditions he had.


He said, “I have money Sir. If you want I can give you!”

When he said that.. I immediately said “No”. I don’t need your money. As the talk was taking a while, I asked him to sit down and talk. And so he shared his story. He mentioned about working in big firms as an Auditor. He was paid very well until that incident that daunted his life. He has properties at Siglap areas and money was the least of his concerns.

And he keep repeating… “Sir can you give me back my daughter”.

First Time

This was really the first time I met such people in my life. I didn’t know what to say.

and so he left by saying.. “Sir please pray for me to meet my daughter soon”. “Ask Allah for me to meet her soon”


Reflecting on this encounter

We have never been in this kind of situation before, so how do we know how he feels having to lose a love one?
Its easy to give advice but to live through it is another ball game.

What is Allah swt trying to tell us here? What is your message?

After much reflection, there are a few key points here.

1) Let’s not lose hope in life. These are tests by Allah swt. It is going to be painful and its not going to be easy. Our prophet, Muhammad saw also have lost his sons when they were still very young. If you are in a similar situation, do go about reading it. It was not just one child but two or three ( Do correct me if I am wrong ).

2) Move on. Yes it’s going to be difficult to move on in life but life goes on.

3) Let go! Its not going to be easy but let’s learn to let go. Let’s go back to Allah swt.

4) There are things that we need to do. I began to realise that Allah swt has shown us this people so that we would do something about it. A simple thing would be to write this post… Share it with the world these lessons… Pray to Allah swt on their behalf.

5) I have always wanted to start something related to the Death Business. Perhaps this is my “PUSH” to get it out soon. May Allah swt make it easy for me. Do pray for me too.


We can’t get his daughter back but we can pray for this Bro to move on in life.

Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated and your prayers too.

A simple Prayer

This is a small action that you can do during your prayers too.

Ya Allah  help this kind soul. We ask you to get him to stand up with confidence again and live life. Show him that his services are still required by the Ummah and that tragic accident was a test for him not a punishment to him. Make it easy for his family and himself to handle this situation and may you, Allah swt bless him with a peaceful heart. Amin.