Project Syukran


Seems like its has been a while since I last post here.. Has it?

Well I have been busy with another project recently.. Yes as the title states it, it’s Project Syukran

Two years ago while watching this video..

So I shared this concept about hey if Mat can be dancing around the world, why don’t we shoot videos of people saying their “Thanks to Allah”.

We shot some videos and somehow that did not initiate very well because of technical know hows and commitment. So it had to hold back.

We even bought this domain I’ve been holding this domain since 2 years ago. I guess there’s a reason for everything.

Then I’ve been trying to understand why people do things and how groups grow at tremendous speed. Then when I see Kak Suria creating Muslim Women Success group, I began to think, there must be something that makes this grow organically. It is quite an interesting phenomenon.

So what triggered me to start this again.

It was then with Harasha at a Coffee Shop at Kembangan. There she was sharing with me of how it had been a while she went to Bugis and she couldn’t stand the crowd. And if you see people walking up and down there, they were not smiling and guess what I think they are not happy too. People were just going up and down to their workplace. She mentioned this what if we were to just stop them and smile at them. That would already made a difference to their life.

Hmm I think it was a crazy idea. However we can’t be around the streets all day right? Actually we can but we have to work smarter than that right. So that triggered me, hey I have this unused domain which I renew it recently and this hanging project, why not we re-initiate it again.

So I guess with the power of Facebook and this domain, why not we use this platform to allow everyone to share their  “Thanks to Allah swt daily.”

Amazingly in this short time span, 500 over people have joined or been added to this group. Wonderful and miraculous stories has also been told.

To join this group:

1) You need a facebook account
2) Click on this link and request to be in the group.

And enjoy the journey..