Stuck in Lift for 10 mins


Well what would you do if you were stuck in the lift?

Yesterday I had taken the lift up at the Tanjong Pagar Office. Once it reached level 7 where I was suppose to get out, the lift jammed! The door could not open.

So here’s what I did.

1) Press the Bell. Several times.
2) Call Kak Chomel ( She did not answer cos she was doing interview )
3) So I called Mr Majeed and he called Kak June to get the security guard to call the technicians.

While waiting I had this idea to shoot this video.. I took out my laptop opened up Windows Movie Maker and started shooting this video.

So here it is..

Now how would you react when you are in this kind of situation?

It easy to say to stay calm. .

Hence what kind of video would be recorded instead of this….

Its a matter of state change. Either you use this situation positively or negatively. If you choose to go with the positive avenue, you would not even worry about the situation but the question is… How many of us would stay calm..

Your thoughts please..