2011 Reflections

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I know this entry is late but late is better than never.

So what happen in 2011? Earlier that year I was announced as one of the People to look out for in 2011 >>

Reported by BH Singapore to create an impact in 2011. Though it was quite random but it can become very significant later on with the US Trips and such.

It is also a year of Big Events – With Cabaran 101010 taking place by Abang Abu and formation of  T – Dynamics.

In Februari I did this Seminar Mak Comblang.. Though the response wasn’t that good but I had fun marketing this seminar/workshop.


From there it led to running Basic Internet Seminar 2011 in May 2011 where almost 300 pax attended for a free 8 hour session. Yes it was FREE.

I hope many people benefitted from it. Then this led to Million Dollar Facebook Marketing Seminar


Where the above speakers including myself came together to share knowledge on Facebook Marketing.

This led to being featured on Suria Channel on this program called “Asset”. See video clips here.

Then more publicity just before the US Trip.


Undangan beri peluang perluas rangkaian dengan peniaga muda serata dunia. Read the article here.

Of course the US Trip.

More photos can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=151624924911207


Since the US trip, I actually went on a lull period for 3 months. I didn’t work that hard due to reservist and other factors that come in place.

Recently also appearence in local TV

Also not to forget the friends that we meet along the way..

Suddenly I have more than 30 friends all over the world. And they are just as crazy as me cos they are Entrepreneurs.. hehe.

Also not forgetting …

Found Love and Engaged…


Yeah that’s 2011. So what next and happening? Honestly we haven’t really planned out anything yet cos we are already running the operations and offers are coming here and there.

So the next few weeks is really sitting through endless discussions and eventually to focus on events ( that includes the wedding ) and projects that we want to embark on. Last year our focus was Growth. This year I would like to theme it as “Seeking Happiness in Both Life and Business”