3rd Day @ Kedah – Off to Penang

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Well we didnt want to hang around Keday only, so we head on to Penang that day but we went there only later in the afternoon as my Grandmother was cooking the Nasi Minyak for everyone.

While waiting, we spend some precious time with the Nephews and Nieces.

All of them were born in Australia and three years ago they shifted here to Kedah because my cousin’s husband wanted to be close to his parents and at the same time open a business in Malaysia.

Fortunately the kids were young enough to shift over else they would have problems speaking Malay. Just like my cousin when she was younger, she lost her mother tongue when she moved to Australia when she was just 12 years old. Surprisingly now she speaks more like someone in Kedah..

I guess people have to adapt to the culture where ever they are. Even though I was there for a few days, I was almost talking like them.


So at 2pm after Zuhur, we took the car down the highway towards George Town, Penang.. Well it was my first time on the Penang Bridge and that was the longest bridge I have ever seen yet. Almost 8km long. 

Well going to Pulau Penang is already another hassle as there was also a massive jam there. Took us about 1 hour to reach the other side.

Ooh yeah that’s my grandmother, she was telling us stories of when the family used to live in Pulau Bukom and the old tales of bad seasons which do not allow fishermen to go to sea due to some bad stuff going on. Back then black magic was quite rampant and many lives were lost when people go out to sea at night.

To build such a bridge is already a massive project and yet dangerous too. I wondered how many lives were taken to built this.


So we reached the Town area… Well my cousin really do not know how to get to places lah even though we instructed her to do so. Usually her husband does the touring for our relatives. Since he is away in Australia, we had to navigate through that Urban area ourselves. Honestly we got lost many times and at most times also we do not know where to go. 

End up we stop at one shopping mall. Bought some clothes. Got back on the road. Got lost again and finally decided to go back to Sungai Petani for dinner. 

What a day….haha… sounds very foolish but we had fun. Well even though we got lost, I manage to snap some pics of Trishaws..

Can we still find these kind of trishaws in Singapore?


Going for Seafood? We head back to Sungai Petani where we could eat seafood but to our horror because of Chinese New Year, the restaurants were packed. To be served it will take us 2 hours. So we decided to opt out and head back. 

On the way, we stopped by a Dry Fish shop.. .. The shop only sells dry Fishes and stuff..

We haven’t got our dinner yet by now.. We spin around Penang and travelled back here without Dinner but all were tired and we head back to the Bungalow. 

Well the Village Mass was near by. So I decided to walk there to find food..

Initially I wanted to grab a bite at Secret Recipe but Mom did not know how to eat the food there. So we chose the Chicken Rice Shop. 

So that ends day3.. Day 4 takes us on our journey back to Singapore..