An Awesome Thursday..

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The day started meeting  TJ Hussin  for the photographs he had taken of Suria Mohd, Noor Muhammad and myself two weeks ago.  See above.

If you are wondering what the images are for… Let’s say it’s a secret for now..

Thanks to TJ again. In total we have more than 1000 digital shots for the day. Plenty of shots for a marketing campaign. 🙂

Next stop was to meet the Mentor Abang Abu.

He called me on Wednesday to conduct a class yesterday. It was to be presented to 20 plus students from Andalus/Al Zuhri in his Entrepreneurship class.

Fortunately I had materials from the Basic Internet Workshop class to present it to the class otherwise I would have turn down the offer.

The class went very well. Infact I injected a little bit of copywriting and convince them to Kill this Man.

The example was not to make them into terrorists or anything but it was about how one can change from one state to another state by just influencing one’s emotions.

Using this T.E.A.R concept.

So I hope all the students in the class learnt new things and insyallah use them wisely.


In the evening

If you’ve been following my posts, you would have known that I conducted a FREE Lesson on Social Media Automation using Hootsuite. Several came from the Internet Marketing Singapore Group and we had a great session sharing session after the event too.

Here’s a summary done by  Mr Sam Choo.

What you miss at th Hootsuite talk by Fadzuli tonight. 

Today I learnt not only from the speaker, Fadzuli, but also from the informal sharing by the people, such as:
* How to create amazing content using G.E.P. formula
* when is the best time to send out facebook/twitter posts
* how to save 30% of your business expenses by following this one simple rule.
* where to get the best office space and training room
* the best time to list your site for flipping
* an alternative to flipping at flippa

Sorry that no notes will be given to those who are absent.

I hope you look beyond the presentation topics. Some of the best tips comes after the presentation. The speaker share his secret strategies. Participants exchange tips. Deals were made.

That’s all for the day.

Biz tip:
*Network with the best and you will be one of the best one day.