The other Fadzuli?

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Don’t get it wrong! Its not me.

I received an SMS today asking me, did PM Lee talked about me?

PM Lee in his speech last Sunday mention about a certain Fadzuli that went to the States on a scholarship. He’s currently doing a Masters in Game Development Course and working in Disney.

Taken from“He was addicted to computer games as a boy so I think he must have caused his mother a lot of stress but he went to Nanyang Poly, he did a diploma in Entertainment Technology, he topped his class.

“He applied to Carnegie Mellon University in the US which is the best, one of the best universities for computer games.

“And they took him, they gave him advanced standing, they waived the undergrad degree, he’s gone in to do a Master’s.

“And he got an MDA-ST Electronics scholarship. So now he is on a three month attachment at Disney…helping them to develop a new computer game.”

Ok so please do not mistaken him with me!! Thanks.

Its quite cool also…we have the same name, both from the same Polytechnic, both did well in our courses only that he seems to be more successful these days. Well all of us have different paths.

I got to know about him from his girlfriend then..

Apparently a few years back I got an email from his girlfriend asking me about him on friendster, then she added me on MSN. We talked a bit about how his name and my name were the same and we were from the same Polytechnic. So weird but I only got to see his face when he graduated as the top student from NYP and that was all over the papers I think last year.

So yeah apparently with all that, the guy looks better than me. So please fall in love with him..hehe..


How many other Fadzuli do I know..

Well I know my classmate has the same name but his has a Mohd infront. They I know a few Fadzulys – Pronounciation is the same, its just the spellin. One from NUS and one of them is my men. One of the is LTC Fadzuly in the army and a few I found them when Googling!!

Do you know of any Fadzuli or Fadzuly?