ERP Fine No More


Do you own a vehicle in Singapore?

Have you been fined by the Electronic Road Pricing ( ERP ) in Singapore before?

Well if you do, here’s a way to prevent that from happening! LTA recently announced a new service which deduct the payments to your Credit Card.

Why this would solve my problem?

For a biker like me, we have to always pull in and out the Cash Card. If we don’t put in the Cash Card when passing through the gantries we get fined. If we forget to pull out the Cash Card at where we park our bikes, there is a high tendency of the cards being stolen. Yes I’ve lost $30 – $50 value cards.

So why not GO CARDLESS. It totally makes my life easier and seriously it save me $8 or more every month from paying the fines.

If you do have the same problems as me, do check out

Registration is easy.

Step 1: Register your mobile no and set your PIN no.
Step 2: Verify on your phone.
Step 3: Login to the portal and register your vehicle + ERP device no.

That’s it you are ready to go!!