Malabar Mosque New Site

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We were called up to help the Malabar Staff to revamped their site.. Yes its ready for viewing now.

Thank you to all the parties for rendering your services to make this site developed in the shortest time. Created in 1.5 weeks.

1) Secretary of Malabar Mosque – Bro Nasim

For allowing us this opportunity to come in to develop the site and speed up the administration processes. We know how slow the decision making process can be at Mosque level, hence Bro Nasim has make it really easy.

2) Bro Hairolz from

For rendering your Photography Services. Always great to see super quality Professional Photos. Easier to work with especially in our design. Less of editing when you have the right shots.

Some of the shots can be seen @ the facilities site >> Mosque Facilities

3) Bro Shahib from

For retracing the Malabar’s Logo. The Mosque logo was in very low resolution and it was not even visible to begin with. So we engage Bro Shahib to retrace the logo and the fonts ( Indian & English ) in Adobe Illustrator. Now the Mosque will have a better letter head for their logo.

See below

4) Bro Fazli

For integrating widgets in the site. This feature was introduce in our last project So we use the same methodology and adopted it to the mosque site now.

So what happens is that the events and classes pages are SYNC with our portal,

This feature makes it easy for the mosque staff, so that they do not need to update their website twice. Whenever they have an event submitted to us @ the events will also be featured at the mosque’s website.

See the Events page here >> Events Page

See the Classes page here >> Class Page

This project is developed under ISLAMICSG NETWORK LLP. Wish to engage us to help remodeled your site. You can email to for an appointment.