Your WordPress site Attacked by Malware & Trojan Horses?


Are you running a wordpress website?

Have you been infected by a Malware/Virus lately?

Well how does it look like? People cannot come to your website, it keeps popping up every time they log in to your site and redirected to some funny site.

Your site has definitely been infected.

Here’s my experience. Apparently I bumped into one of my friends website which was infected. As mentioned above I was redirected to another site and apparently it caught on to laptop even though the antivirus detects it.

As my server is hosting up to more 6 websites and I didn’t have time to update all the wordpress sites and plugins. So I guess the malware virus managed to seep through the plugins and hence infected my websites.

And because of that more than 100,000 files or equivalent to 20GB of data was infected. Apparently it only attacked the PHP files. For non geeks, a PHP is the file format for websites. In another case my friends server had his HTML files infected. In his case, it wasn’t that bad cos he did not have that many files in his server.

So how did I solve this problem?

1) Backed up all the files from the server. This includes all the file outside of public_html

2) Second use Dreamweaver if you have one. Open up one of the PHP files. You will see a weird looking code.

3) Copy that code.

4) Use the Find & Replace Tool to remove the code and replace it with another code such as blank space. Use the same tool to scan the whole folder than you have downloaded.

5) Do a check again with all the files. Open a few samples to see if the codes are removed.

6) Once ok. Delete all the files that exists in your server.

7) Transfer back your data to your web server.

Does it sound tedious for you? Well it actually is. I took more than a week to find how to remove the virus and 4 more days to remove every single virus.
So here’s my offer

I can help you clean the virus in your server for you for a FEE of SGD $200 onwards. Depending on how much data needs to backed up and clean. At the same time reinstallation of your wordpress site with the latest wordpress version and plugins.

Payment can be made via Paypal for Local and Overseas. Bank Transfer/Cash for Singapore.

So all the best and let me know if you need to solve your Malware issues.