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The last few weeks have been quite happening eh. Well besides the upcoming Words That Kill Workshop, we have just ended another event with 200 in attendance @ the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar. It was awesome… But first allow me to share with you what happened since last Friday. Last Friday.. we had the second “Weekly Traffic Action” session … Read More

Abang Abu: Advise from Dr Mahathir


Dari Acronym WIN 1) Work Hard 2) Increase Knowledge 3) Never Give Up Thank you Helmi Hakim for recording this. There is also an upcoming event by KESUMA ( Malay Entrepreneur Association ).

I had only $15 in my bank account

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Though I was give a ticket to go to this seminar last year, I would say that it is still the best seminar ever. In just 3 days, your blueprint can totally change. I have never told people that I only had $15 left in my bank account for that 3 days. Yes it was the truth. The only choice … Read More

Simpan Challenge


Have you joined? What if $5 can get you to save $100 to $1000. A small investment to learn to save $1000 right? So what are you waiting for? Take part in this challenge => Visit www.abangabu.com

$50 on the grabs….


This entrepreneur is going crazy. I have no idea why he’s giving away $50 so easily. Who Am I talking about? Well its Abang Abu of course! He’s trying to get his readers to guess what does S.T.A.R means… So if you want to get $50 and a free lunch/meal by him. Participate in this crazy online competition. Visit AbangAbu.com … Read More

How to make money from Abang Abu

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In 15 mins, you can earn $30 from Abang Abu. Here’s how you do it Steps 1) Memorise Abang Abu’s Acronyms ( ABU, ABCD and so on ) 2) Follow him to his functions. 3) Get the chance to answer to answer all his questions. We got this when we observe a kid answering almost all the questions he asked … Read More

The Gift of Life & the Loss

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Yesterday we congratulate a good friend whom have delivered her second baby, Alicia safely. Its Abang Abu’s sister,  Azliza. Baby Alicia came to the world around 4pm yesterday. So if you know Azie, feel free to SMS her and drop by the hospital.. I manage to snap a few pictures and video when I visited them at KK yesterday. I … Read More