Why are you not telling people about what you do?


Why are you not telling people about what you do? >> Perhaps you are shy.. >> Perhaps you are too busy to do this.. >> Perhaps perhaps.. Excuses right!! Why am I asking you these questions in the first place? If you are not telling people about what you are going to do, then how on earth would people know!! … Read More

Next Workshop

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By now you should be able to see the adverts and promotions being done for the workshop. So here it is again! Just as  I preached about how marketing is being done and the frequencies that it should be done. Well here I’m practising it not just preaching because we all know that the first time may not be reached. … Read More

Advertisement today!!


This is my first advertisment with my own money. Previously we got help from Kelab Ekoniaga to write us the articles for the Blog Course. So yeah from now onwards its up to us to advertise my own courses and this needs to be done probably two weeks once. So maybe you ask, how come I didn’t engage Ekoniaga again. … Read More