Alunan Kasih Album Out soon

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Alunan Kasih album will be out in stores soon!! You can also pre-order from us and the first 50 orders online will be delivered to your homes for FREE. Either by PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER!! If you are wondering what’s Alunan Kasih? Its one of the projects IslamicSG Networks did together with Masjid An Nur, Vocal Point, By Left & … Read More

Alunan Kasih Post Mortem

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Uztazah!! Now you cannot say anymore that we never capture you in the camera alright!! haha..Well this is a montage of the Alunan Kasih Post Mortem @ Masjid An-Nur yesterday. Ooh yeah Ustazah surprised us by showing us a video clip she created using Windows Movie Maker – it was really well done!! See it here.. [youtube: 400 400] I … Read More

Alunan Kasih Stats


Since we launched the demos last week the figures has been really amazing. It even beats the record and my own blog record!! In one week it manage to get over 3000 readers, listeners and voters!! Not bad eh..Some of it is repeated visitors but it doesn’t really matter. Promising results I would say. Wow..How I wish my blog … Read More

Alunan Kasih Polls are open

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You might have heard about this Song Writing Competition from my previous posts or from my emails. Now 10% of the overall scores are in your hands. Help one of the participants to win!! Visit to listen to the DEMOs and VOTE for your favourite. Polls will closed on the 16th of May..So hurry up yah!!