Oooh Apekkk is at it again…..


When you see that tagline, what do you remember? Well if you dont know, YOU MUST REMEMBER because this lady came from no where one day and came out with all these funny cartoons / caricatures. In this case, she, Shareah Mokhtar,¬†did it again.. or is it the character in her cartoon ( The Apek) did it again.. Click Above … Read More

Caricature of Tony & Me

FadzuliIdeas, Motivations

This is a cool caricature drawing of myself and Tony Robbins.. If that would happen it would really be dream come true. You never know huh. You never know who you would discover in Facebook. That site has really created so many friends and contacts and undiscovered talent. This drawing is done by one talented lady,¬†Shareah Mokhtar’s. Check out her … Read More