Learn to be an Entrepreneur from Games

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Do you play games at all? If you do understand how life works, it is infact like a game. However in this game that we are in we cannot reverse it. If you play it well, you can live a great life, if you play it badly, you know what I mean. So SIMs 3 is quite a popular game … Read More

Dari Tahi Pun Boleh Buat Duit

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“Dari Tahi Pun Boleh Buat Duit” I happen to meet another senior Entrepreneur recently. He has been in Business since the 80s starting as Wedding DJ to now producing songs for Madrasah Aljunied. He was sharing this story about one of his travels to Indonesia where there is this Market Street which stretches as long as the distance from Wisma … Read More


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When the odds hit you. You bounce up and move on with what you have started with. I have a hard time trying to remember the points mention by Mr Azul. Insyallah I’ll do my best to share what we learn from this Entrepreneur whom have made himself in the Halal Business. Indeed Azul is a role model to follow … Read More

Featured Entrepreneur – Simon Cowell

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Well everyone might have heard of his name but do you how the loud mouth Simon paved his way through life’s obstacles. A serial entrepreneur himself: Read on… If you haven’t read this, you wouldn’t really know Simon yah!! Taken from: http://www.youngentrepreneur.com/forum/f37-famous-entrepreneurs/simon-cowell-25270.html When Cowell was once asked what the secret to success was, he replied, “Work hard, be patient, and … Read More