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Ahh Facebook, we can’t deny the fact that we need to use Facebook in this day and age to have the presence there for Business. Even huge companies like Air Asia, Microsoft, Apple and many more are using this platform to get their messages out the public. So are you in there yet? Recently there have been requests by a … Read More

Can Facebook help Grow your Business?

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Peace be upon you , I hope you are doing great this 2010. Just wish to share this article with you and a course that my good friend is conducting. If you are interested, please read on.. Taken from – —————————- start of article ———————————- Can Facebook help Grow your Business? When I first started using facebook, it was … Read More

Caricature of Tony & Me

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This is a cool caricature drawing of myself and Tony Robbins.. If that would happen it would really be dream come true. You never know huh. You never know who you would discover in Facebook. That site has really created so many friends and contacts and undiscovered talent. This drawing is done by one talented lady, Shareah Mokhtar’s. Check out her … Read More

Want to be the Next VIS Rockstar

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This is a guest post by Suria Mohd So you want to be the next VIS ( Virtual Internet Specialist) Rock Star Working from Home in your Pyjamas? Do you know what separates the Top VIS and the Broke VIS? Top VIS continue to upgrade their knowledge in skills that can help them & their clients be more profitable… Talking … Read More