Invited to JUS

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Alhamdulillah. Last Wednesday I received a called from Netty from EagleVision, Mediacorp. They asked me if I could come on board on this program to give a 10 min insight of the usage of Social Media. Most probably with the usage of Facebook, Blogs and Twitters. Cool right? I think this would be my first time being featured on Television … Read More

Fadzuli! Where is the $1 coming from?

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I received this question recently and thought that I post it to make it very clear. For those who are already in the program. Please refer to lesson no 5. The question “well, i’m sorry didn’t mean to doubt you. i was just wondering where is the source of income from, as neither goods nor a service was mentioned on … Read More

Short Distance Exercises

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100m dashing. Recently I started running. Once in two days and this week I have been running daily. The distances aint that far cos I am concentrating on the short runs. Before this I was always running long distances 4km, 5km however the long runnings doesn’t really help when I take the 2.4km running tests. Usually I will end up … Read More

The other Fadzuli?

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Don’t get it wrong! Its not me. I received an SMS today asking me, did PM Lee talked about me? PM Lee in his speech last Sunday mention about a certain Fadzuli that went to the States on a scholarship. He’s currently doing a Masters in Game Development Course and working in Disney. Taken from “He was addicted to … Read More

Glam Shots

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I needed nice photos of myself to put my face out in the papers and for future use. So I engaged my secondary school buddy to take these fantastic shots for me. Fadzuli without specs.. Holding the chin look…macam siapa eh…macam pernah nampak gitu!! Half body look without specs Sitting Down Position Superimposed Library at the back..Ok the back actually … Read More