Getting Optimal Traffic for Your Web

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Allow me to set some definitions in case you get lost in this article. Optimal Traffic. Also commonly referred to as “Qualified Traffic“.  In simple layman terms is getting the BEST Type of Visitors to visit your website. TRAFFIC ~ Flow of visitors to your website For example.  If you are in the Weight Loss Business – The type of … Read More

Second Google Cheque

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Yay..the second check is here!! Ok it took us 4 months lah to get this Cheque. It used to take us 1 year for the first check. Now 4 months..Let’s target three months next!! If you are wondering what’s the cheque for? Its for the Adsense Advertisements. So if you Adsense is still in $10s and $20s. Dont give up … Read More

Adsense Privacy Policies

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Recently Google Adsense has incorporated a new policy to get Publishers to put up a Privacy Policy to indicate the authentications of the sites. For bloggers on Blogspot, you don’t have to do anything because you are already hosted on Googles Server. Others like mua have to put this Policy up cos we are hosting it ourselves. I find this … Read More