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So are you busy on Wednesday evening? Well if you are stop reading this and if you can change your mind and keep it free why not join us tomorrow evening for this TALK. Its FREE and you just need to bring yourself there. So feel free to call me or SMS @ 9452 0491 to confirm your attendance.

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Our Bro Hafihz will be giving out a free talk tomorrow @ NOWASIA training room. Also an accomplish author of “10 Secret of Power Presentations”, he wrote the book while still in school and he was recently featured in BH for his accomplishments. Bro Hafihz has been a good friend of mine since NUS days and he is among the … Read More


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Here’s a good article by Bro Hafihz. Notice how I used the term ‘people’ and not customers. Because aside from correcting your product image, the following can also be used to analyze and correct your own personal branding. The word is Perception – What is perceived of you and your product. Why should the stuff that others think about you … Read More