Stuff today – Warna Interview & Budget Discussions

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So today is the start of the weekly broadcast of the Interview done at Warna 2 weeks ago. Today I will be answering these questions.    1. Saya seorang ibu suri berusia 50 tahun sering kali melihat anak anak saya membuka lelaman facebook , friendster, myspace dan membicangkan dengan  kawan kawannya. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan ketiga hal itu dan kebetulan … Read More

An Interview & A fruitful meeting

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Its been a great day today. Had an Interview by Sis Rizwana, who’s helping AMP to write a paper about Islamic Contents online. It lasted about 2 hours long. There were several questions about the usual how we started etc etc. Then surprisingly the conversation went into the several ethnic areas. Like why is only catering to Malay Muslims … Read More

RSI Interview Part 2


Here’s the second audio!! I touched a bit on Internet Business. Topics: 1) How do we differentiate ourselves from the millions of bloggers. 2) Paid or Free marketing. 3) Google Advertising. 4) Issues on Social Networks. 5) Email marketing. [audio:] I realised I use too much “Lah”…something to take note and insyallah I can do much better in the future.

Recent Radio Interviews


I am quite privilege to be known by people in the media where I do get interviewed to talk about the things I love. Internet Business & Blogging!! You just love the local media huh… I’ll be reviewing them bit by bit for the next few days. Here’s one of the interviews and these are the topics that I managed … Read More