Laporan X review

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There are 2 parts of the ebook. One introducing to you on Affiliate Marketing and secondly the wonderful tips on how to be an effective affiliate. Well I have a few articles which you can read on about affiliate marketing, you just need to search my blog for it. Or ask me for the link. Use my contact page to … Read More

How do you compete in an environment where competition is tough


This just comes across my mind waking up this morning.. Hence whatever ideas needs to be written down. Firstly I want to bring you back to one my articles – Do you believe that there is no competition in Business? I mention in that article that the competition is actually yourself and how you should learn to collaborate rather than compete.  However … Read More

KL Part 2- Interview with Dr Irfan Khairi

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The second part of the journey is this 16 minute interview and a view at Dr’s current Condo. We only got to the ground floor lah.. The view was already released 3 days back. A content can always be repeated again if there is opportunites to sell it.  One of the main thing that I learn from the Dr Irfan … Read More

Jutawan Internet Workshop and the Bike problems

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Well you MISSED IT!! WTill next year. Those who missed it this year, please don’t worry we’ll be inviting Dr Irfan again next year. Today my day started at 5am, took my bath and started smsing and calling Abang Abu for the Jurong address to pick up the car. We had to pick up Dr Irfan at JB, so yeah … Read More

Jutawan Internet is here again

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If you happen to miss the past Jutawan Internet Workshops, here’s your chance again. A millionaire at the tender age of 25, Dr Irfan is the man to learn from if you wish to learn the trade and tricks to be the next Internet Millionaire. Dr Irfan started his Internet Business at the age of 19 years old. The first … Read More