Focus on the 20%


According to the PARETO Principle or most known as the 20-80 rule, focusing on the 20% is much more productive and effective than the 80% that are not interested in what you do or what you offer. So recently Batch 2 VA classes have started and its the REMEDIAL Session. Although its extra and some correctional lessons has been done, … Read More

Virtual Internet Specialist Course

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Have you heard of this occupation before? Well it isn’t really a new occupation and it has actually existed since the Internet was born. This is an occupation of stay home mums & freelancers. Yes its a job which can be done anywhere and everywhere. My buddy Shahib Amin who is a graphic cum videographer does his work at Mc … Read More

Seth Godin

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[youtube: 600 400] Well this video is definitely a must to watch. Basicly in this 19 minutes it really sums up what I’ve been trying to teach to my students in the Basic Internet Marketing Class. So at the end of the day is your product/service REMARKABLE enough to get talk about?    Quotes from the video “You must figure … Read More

Follow ups

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What do you know about Business Marketing? What is the meaning of marketing? What is Internet Marketing? Many of us go into the world of business without understanding the true concept of marketing. So let’s learn more from Bro Hafihz this Thursday @ 7.45pm @ NOWASIA Training Room – 25 Peck Seah Street #07-08. Exclusively only for Jutawan Internet participants … Read More