Courses This December

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Back from a long 3 weeks of reservist. Now back to workshops and more. Starting with the Basic Internet Biz Workshop this weekend.

Magic Touch 101 – The Beginners Course on Photoshop



Ever wondered how someone can just come out with brilliant images and make you excited! Wish you could design things, images and graphics that you always intend to? Example. Your Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, Folders and such?   How about Facebook Timeline Covers? With these skills it is up to your imagination what you can use it for. This is … Read More


FadzuliEvent, Features

snapdesign copy

Have you always wondered how one could come out with super nice graphics and take super nice shots? Would you like to get a chance to learn how to do all these magical projects for yourself? Would you love to just take photos and edit it to your own desires? Here’s a workshop just for you – SNAP & DESIGN. … Read More

Photo Editing Online


Just found this great resoure from Adi from Facebook. Its another Adobe Photoshop competitor and its a free tool to use. Visit ¬† If you are afraid of licensing problems and can’t afford Adobe Photoshop, consider using this to do your image editing. I have not tested its functionalities to its full extent but I think this is great especially … Read More