Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2

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Another half a day of enriching content. The last article we talk about Donna Fox and, Stuart and Simon Leung’s programs. So today I’ll be sharing on two more talks. Lee & Robin Collins. They are a really cute couple and I think they are the most happening Speakers then. They are always laughing and having fun. You know when … Read More

Smart Seminar 2nd Day – Part 1

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Alright its been quite a hectic three days. I’ve been uploading images, videos and I got myself a 30 day trial to the Traffic Geyser system and its AWESOME!! Yesterday and today alone, I’ve submitted around 5 videos and if you go to YOUTUBE you already see my videos dominating it when you type SMART SEMINAR. The traffic Geyser is … Read More

Smart Seminar – 1st Day

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This seminar is awesome. Even though there are only 300 attendees, what really impress me was the line up of Internet Marketing Gurus! OMG!!! Never before have I seen so many of them all in one place. Usually I would see them separately on their sites and not in real person.┬áIt was like meeting your HEROES in real life… What … Read More