The Boss said “GO”


My students were surprised that this came earlier than planned. Yes the Boss ( Sujimy Mohamad ) gave the call to launch the site just a few days before Hari Raya Haji because he wanted to create some sparks of conversations during this period where people gather. Yes it is the time of the year again where Muslims will celebrate … Read More

Akan Datang!!!

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Akan datang! Jualan E-Book “10 Perkara Saya Pelajari dari Jutawan Asia” akan dilancarkan tidak lama lagi. Tinggal nak kena fine tune lagi sikit. Untuk yang berminat hendak jadi Affiliate, Bro Sujimy ingin hanya menjemput sesiapa yang pernah baca buku ini sahaja. Maksudnya anda sudah pun baca isinya dan tahu apa kandungannya. Fadzuli

Ebook site in development

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Peace be upon you, Since our Mentor, Sujimy Mohd had already made teasers on his blog about his book being transformed to ebook. Allow me to buzzz too. This is one of the projects I am embarking now. The site will be ready insyallah in two weeks time. Or it might even be earlier. If you are interested to promote … Read More

Do you have a large list and having problems sending it out?


OK it seems like the last few days, I have been coding and coding non stop. That’s why I’m not so active in Facebook and am not answering calls like I usually do. A few months back I bought this Mass Mail Program for Sujimy’s He has over 12,000 plus subscribers in his database which took him over 6 … Read More

How to be on TV without Paying…

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Last Friday I attended this talk at Al Majlis restaurant organised by:┬áSingapore Malay Chambers of Commerce. Actually it was more like Breakfast Meeting & Networking where we had the opportunity to listen to Sujimy’s talk yet again. You can read about the post I wrote about the talk 2 years ago here Anyway the topic that day was all about … Read More

Lessons to learn from ScreenBox


I had the opportunity to meet Sujimy to develop his blog. So last Friday, we had a meeting to teach him to update the blog- How often does one goes to other people’s office right. So the moment I stepped into that office.. You will definitely notice a kind of water fountain there and huje map close to the … Read More


It’s ahead of the expected schedule and alhamdullilah its about done and with a few more touch ups here and there it would be ready.. A few posts back, I did mention that we are creating a blog for a Multi Millionaire in Singapore right? So now you know! Abang Abu notified me about this opportunity when he told me … Read More

Two Mentor Jutawan


Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit down with 2 Mentor Jutawans in Singapore, Sujmy Mohd ( Screenbox) and who else Abang Abu lah..heh. This was a catch session for both of them and learning session for me. To tell you the truth I was more quiet that I used when meeting people. i guess its out of respect … Read More