What’s Happening @ Fadzuli.com

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The last few weeks have been quite happening eh. Well besides the upcoming Words That Kill Workshop, we have just ended another event with 200 in attendance @ the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar. It was awesome… But first allow me to share with you what happened since last Friday. Last Friday.. we had the second “Weekly Traffic Action” session … Read More

The KLT Formula… Know – Like – Trust

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KLT K – Know that You Exists >> Your Unique Service Proposition L – Like You. Just be Yourself. You cannot please everyone. T – Trust You. Develop that trust.   Have you signed up for the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar yet?

Idea of Untung Internet Seminar (UIS)


Back in September or October 2009.. wah seems like it was ages ago, the idea of UIS was merely to help get potential clients for our Virtual Specialists┬áthat we are training. It was just a small idea back then and we wanted to include several key speakers like Dr Irfan, Sujimy and many more. However as time goes by, we … Read More

I did it again..

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I did it again.. you see half my work is already done.. I don’t have to key in new text or write my own articles. With the right partnership and Joint Venture systems that we inculcate into our Virtual Specialist and the right concept of doing business as a community where you share your wealth and information with each other. … Read More

Want to be the Next VIS Rockstar

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This is a guest post by Suria Mohd So you want to be the next VIS ( Virtual Internet Specialist) Rock Star Working from Home in your Pyjamas? Do you know what separates the Top VIS and the Broke VIS? Top VIS continue to upgrade their knowledge in skills that can help them & their clients be more profitable… Talking … Read More