The KLT Formula… Know – Like – Trust

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KLT K – Know that You Exists >> Your Unique Service Proposition L – Like You. Just be Yourself. You cannot please everyone. T – Trust You. Develop that trust.   Have you signed up for the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar yet?

Get to know them LAH!!!

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This may sound so absurd to you… Why should I get to know them???? Well its simple, if you dont get to know them, they will judge you, they will think that you are this SLEAZY sales person who is trying to sell them something.. Well its true that you will want to eventually sell them something, however nothing is … Read More

Social Networking Offline

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In any business culture there’s always a need to build TRUST first. So there is always a need to get to know people first then we can really do business. So the reason social networking is important is to build this bridge between you and your audience. At some level you need to be connected before any transaction could be … Read More