5 more things I hate about UIS…

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Goodness. You wont believe it either? no 6.. Well I thought Internet Business is just about sitting infront of the computer… Why in the world am I despatching the tickets? Well in fact even though its tiring but IT WORKED… Solely depending on the online platform does not guarantee you sales especially in a small country in Singapore. Yes we … Read More

Early Bird Ends Today


ARE YOU STILL JUST THINKING ABOUT ATTENDING THE UNTUNG INTERNET SEMINAR? TIME TO MAKE A DECISION FAST!! The EARLY BIRD PRICE of $60 and $70 for two will end tonight. From Tomorrow ( 21 Feb 2010 ) Onwards, it will $90 per person. So Hurry Grab Your Tickets NOW and be ready for a Ball of Experience Go Here NOW! >>>>>>> … Read More

Oooh Apekkk is at it again…..


When you see that tagline, what do you remember? Well if you dont know, YOU MUST REMEMBER because this lady came from no where one day and came out with all these funny cartoons / caricatures. In this case, she, Shareah Mokhtar, did it again.. or is it the character in her cartoon ( The Apek) did it again.. Click Above … Read More

Tickets on the way!!!


Tickets are on the way to your doorstep.. Above is our Super Referrer. All in all she has sold more than 10 tickets for us. Power ah Kakak Ni… At 56, Mr Juhari wanted to attend this seminar so that he can catch up with his kids.. You never know when these skills can be useful him. Mr Imran receiving … Read More

How is that possible?


I dont know about you but how is this possible? How did he made $10,000 in 7 days? Is this the real truth – Well watch this video => Click here If you mind cannot believe it… BELIEVE IT Personally Suria and I made over $22,000 of sales in a night back in October or was it September last year. … Read More

20 more days to UIS…Are Malays Really Hungry to Succeed?


20 more days to UIS… As the days gets closer the PRESSURE is on.. The need to sell tickets, get sponsors, creating more avenues of marketing and so on can really drive someone up the wall.. Though ticket sales has not been as good as we expected but we are confident this will go through.. The initial target of a … Read More

Facebook Trends


HAVE YOU SEEN THESE STATISTICS YET? Above is a screenshot taken from facebook stats page. In understanding where to target your market, you need to know where people hang around right? If there are more people there, there is a higher chance that you would make a sale or get a great prospective lead to your business. So How Do … Read More

Standing Out from The Crowd!


Well are you standing out from the crowd? Well yesterday we talked about being unique and so on but I’ve never really showed you any real examples of a business with a USP. So what I did was that, I looked back to my students portfolio.. and I found…. Mr Amin or more known as Pak Mat Siber.. Let me … Read More

The First Media Release for Untung Internet Seminar


Here’s the first press release for this Event – Untung Internet Seminar —————————————————————————————————————- Seminar bantu peniaga Melayu manfaatkan Internet Oleh Atiyyah Mohd Said SATU seminar khas membantu masyarakat Melayu memanfaat wadah Internet bagi meningkatkan keuntungan perniagaan mereka akan diadakan bulan depan. Seminar bertema ‘Untung Internet’ itu dianjurkan bersama syarikat penyedia pendidikan Learning Discoveries Pte Ltd dan meja Ekoniaga Berita Harian … Read More

Idea of Untung Internet Seminar (UIS)


Back in September or October 2009.. wah seems like it was ages ago, the idea of UIS was merely to help get potential clients for our Virtual Specialists that we are training. It was just a small idea back then and we wanted to include several key speakers like Dr Irfan, Sujimy and many more. However as time goes by, we … Read More