Using Iphones to record Videos

FadzuliFacebook Action Series

Trying to hard to think what to write? Well using your smartphone video capabilities is an easy way to record videos and publish it out. This was what we did yesterday in Facebook Action Series – 1st Batch Class no4. I realise that my students can talk very well and perhaps this is what they do all the time when … Read More

Who says Videos Don’t Work!


If you are thinking in that manner.. You are dead wrong. If Videos don’t work, how do you claim for these responses. How many ways can we show to people on how to promote your namecard. I can tell you many.. Its just a matter of using your imagination. If you want to see the video you can go to … Read More

Introduce you business using videos

FadzuliInternet Business, Internet Stuff

I had a chance to interview one of our best referrers for the Untung Internet Seminar.. Its Kak Roszilah from The video above is just a simple demonstration on how we can use video interviews to introduce our business. Is it that expensive to do this? Yes if you hire professional Crews to do it.. No if you know … Read More