VIS Sites Up

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We are in the 5th Module now.. 1) Introduction 2) Web Hosting 3) WordPress 4) Basic Image Design The new students have already begun their own journey writing, blogging and updating what they are learning. See the upcoming VIS sites Some of the sites are not well done yet. Well that’s not the point. We have … Read More

Web Hosting Ajer?

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Web Hosting Ajer? Quote from Zawiah – VIS 3rd Batch It means Web Hosting only? This was quoted by my student during class last week class. Do not think that learning about web hosting was just simply learning about what it is. Every topic we learn we will go into depth on it. This is not just a MAMBO JUMBO … Read More

Questions on the Course…

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Sister Suraya Ali asked several question pertaining to the Virtual Internet Specialist Course.. So here’s my answers… The questions are integrated into my answers. ————————————————– Wa’salam, Alright I’ll answer one by one.. There are 3 phases to an Internet Business. This i will explain again to the students during the first class. First – Development Second – Initial Marketing Campaigns … Read More