Copywriting for Wardah…

FadzuliWords That Kill

There was once a time where one of the attendees of Words that Kill 2010 – Warda Shariff came to me. Fadzuli I am stuck and my marketing is not working. So I asked her.. What’s wrong? Well her answer was simple, she cannot figure out how to use the words that she learned in Copywriting Workshop. Now here’s the … Read More

Selling to People What They Want with Words

FadzuliWords That Kill

Saiful and I had taken shots and videos at Orchard Road last week for promotional materials for Words That Kill. The first of video is released today.. Watch it below. What have you learn from this video? Do share and comment at the bottom. Invite yourself in to Words That Kill Workshop. Details here.

Trigger That Thought Trigger That Emotion

FadzuliWords That Kill

  The typical person may not realised this because their emotions may cloud them however when we analyze it in a scientifically, we begin to realise that there is a formula behind this psychological process. Remember there is always a pattern in sales, hence if one needs to formulate a plan, they need to know what Thoughts are being Triggered … Read More

Power of Words

FadzuliWords That Kill

Watch this video and see how Words Can Change this Blind’s man life.. and it can be done for you too.. The most awaited workshop is back! And yes again this will only be a One Time 2 Day Workshop ( 2 x 3 hours ) which will not repeat again. Yes I say again it will not repeat again. … Read More

Words that Kill

FadzuliEvent, Words That Kill

Another wonderful and content rich workshop has passed. Thanks to Saiful Rizal for being a SUPERB Trainer. So here’s the pictures of the event. Each of the participants also receive the below printed manual of the 100 Secret Words that make Killer Sales. For those that missed the workshop and you may want to have this copy of the 100 … Read More

The call to action…

FadzuliWords That Kill

Did you forget to insert this into your contents? It will just take one word or one phrase for someone to take that action. Without it, they become loss or directionless. So in writing copies, the call to action is very important? It is a word or sentence that is similar to giving a command. Imagine if you are part … Read More

Do not open this message..

FadzuliWords That Kill

I ask you not to open this message.. Why did you open it? Don’t read further because I know you don’t care.. You are not going to care anyway.. So why should you continue reading this? You are not going to care about what will happen if you do not take up this workshop. You are not going to care … Read More

Words Can Kill….

FadzuliWords That Kill

I felt the pain… I felt the anger… I felt other people’s anger.. The title of this workshop was no mere conicidence as it was led from one event to another and then one day it pops in my head… Of all people, I believe I know this best of all. Because I made those mistakes. Because I made those … Read More

Can you see the Difference?

FadzuliWords That Kill

Check this example out… Err nono. I am not selling you the 100 words. Instead we are only going to give it out to the participants that attend our workshop.. The image above is used to show an example of how insertion of the different lines can create the different emotion ┬áin people. Go check it out here >> Click … Read More

Are we victims of Advertisement?

FadzuliThe Days

Everday we get emails from people, everyday someone sends us an SMS, everyday someones sends us a letter., tags on Facebook. The advertisements are non stop. There are times that you get super irritated with all these bombardments also. Can we really stop all these from happening to us? Yes, we can. Just stop watching TV, throw away your Mobile … Read More