A History of USA – Day 1

FadzuliThe US Trip.

What would you do in Washington?

Well an obvious answer is actually to know a little bit about the History of USA. Not much but a bit…

So the first day here in USA, we had a little tour where we visited the outside of the White House, President Franklin Roosevel Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King memorial.

Here are some of the photos..

Just outside the White House

The White House is a temporary House and Office for the President of the United States. Currently that’s President Obama.. Actually when we went over there we always assume its a huge place but dont be fooled by camera angles and videos, the white house isn’t big. The Singapore Istana is actually bigger.

Above is a photo of all the delegates from the 30 countries.

This is the Congress. Its like the Parliament in Singapore. This building is huge! Do you remember the millions of people that gathered when Obama was elected as President? Yup this was the spot!

The President that ended the Civil War.. Who other than Abraham Lincoln? Known to have given the shortest speech in history – estimated in 90 secs. Yet that speech lives till today..

You would remember Dr Martin Luther King as the man who said…”I have a Dream…..”

It was quick 3 hour tour. There were many Musuems to go to and such but we had only 3 hours.. Anyways more photos are available on the Facebook Page. Click here to view. Feel free to LIKE my Facebook page to get updates.

Talks and Networking Dinner

In the afternoon we had to listen to a talks about the US System. It was kind of a technical talk but it opens up and give us and understanding of what is the local government, Federal Goverment and such. This country is quite complex…

I dont have any more photos from this point on… You’ll see more tomorrow insyallah.

During Dinner

We had dinner at restaurant nearby with all the delegates and was introduced with Entrepreneurs Organization and Bloomberg Government..

Yup. That’s it for the day. It was quite a long day though…. Get more updates soon.