Accelerator and the Conference – Day 4

FadzuliThe US Trip.

The first series of seminars starts today under this Program called Accelerator.  This is first of a 4 part series of seminars. Each seminar will be conducted in the different cities with different speakers and different topics.

Topics being covered: Strategy, Sales, People & Money

In Washington we covered Startegy:

Values, Vision & Mission

This topic is basic but important.

Our trainer Mr Scott Fritz got us to write down our company values that we think that is required for our company.

It is known that for a company to sustain its longetivity, it must have its values listed so that the Entrepreneur, his management, his staff lives up to these values. One that does not live up to it shouldn’t be part of that organisation at all.

We learn a little bit about how to hire the right people by just showing such people such values.

Here’s what I wrote for ISLAMICSG NETWORKS LLP

1) Believe in the Creator, Allah swt and the Muhammad (The Messenger of God)

2) Protect the religion at all cost.

3) Dedicated

4) Professional

5) Honesty

6) Tech Savy

7) Engaging

8) Competent

9) Creative

10) Family First

We were asked to list out 10 values. After which we were asked to choose 7. Then 6. Then 5 only which represents the company best.

So how to hire?

Say example if I want to hire someone, I could say…

Editorial Position

Job Task: To write and edit articles and publish to our online Blog system.


1) Must be Muslim
2) Independent
3) Hardworking
4) Tech Savy

Write in to this email to apply..

As you can see the example above especially in the requirements already has the values which you are looking for in a staff. This will help you filter the good and the bad people you interview.

Some of the participants posing for a shot.

When you have these values listed it becomes easier to write down your Mission & Vision of the Company and Organisation as these values represent what your company and organisation is all about.

After which.. let’s get your Mission written down.

So what does a Mission suppose to look like. There were 30 of us there and each of us have different companies and values. It was quite interesting to see the different mission statement produced in the session.

Some of them.. I think made mistake of Taglines as Mission Statements..

Like for example.. Some people think that Nike’s Mission Statement is “Just Do It”.. This can easily be mistaken though.

The Mission Statement oftens talks about the NOW. What is the purpose of the company and what will you do to make a difference in Society NOW!

So I came out with this…

Infact I actually have it for my company already, but I did some tweaks in this session.. Here we go..

To support and develop Web Technologies to allow the Global Muslim Community to benefit from the ever Changing World. 

So here’s the guide.

  1. It must be in the NOW
  2. You must have target market that you want to serve
  3. Show your Value
  4. What makes you different?

Now let’s go into the Vision.

Vision as the word says talks more about what you want to be or what you aspire your company or organisation to be.

So its about the Future.

This is mine…

To be the Premier Digital Company to serve the Global Muslim Community in Web Technologies.

The vision has to be realistic, achievable yet it makes you uncomfortable.

Why uncomfortable?

If its too easy, then you or your staff will not strive for that objective. So make bold Vision statement.

After which we learned how to create goals, set time lines in a more systematic manner.

Hire People to Run A System Not a Business

I won’t elaborate on this. But for you to think about…

The evening – Cocktail cum Networking Session @ 

Here we get to hear two key speakers share about how this program come about and entrepreneurship.

Speakers were:

Mr Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to the White House


Mr Andrew J Sherman, Partner at Jones Day, LLP and also the founders of Entrpreneurs Organization.

What’s happening tomorrow?

Yes we are visiting the White House.. 🙂

but we were informed that we can’t bring any cameras, handphones.. blah blah blah in.. So sorry about that. But I’ll share any interesting stories if there’s any.

More photos of todays trip can be viewed here.