Arizona Phoenix.. Here we Go..

FadzuliThe US Trip.

We are all ready packed and to go to the next destination. All the delegates gathered at the lobby of the hotel around 11am. We checked out and had to slowly weigh our bags before we pass to the bellmans to load up to the buses. We could not exceed 22.5kg as per person as flight requirement.

The spilt gatorade..

As I was just about to board the bus, the gatorade bottle which I hung on the side of my bag dropped and spilt on the floor. Fortunately it didn’t dropped in the bus… otherwise ..hmmmm

At the airport

As usual our English Language Officers got busy getting the luggage to check in and get tickets for us. So while waiting we got the opportunity to swap images from the cameras to the laptops.

Flight delay

Our flight was delayed by an hour. Suppose to fly off around 1.40pm Washington time..

Transit Chicago

This is the first time ever that I have gone through transit planes without boarding off. Some of the delegates actually got off the plane to get some food for the flight as there were no meals through out the 4-5 hours journey.

I actually dont exactly know the hours of the flight journey as the times keep changing.. but what i know we landed in Arizona around 6.45pm – Arizona time. Trusts me when you travel like this, you too get confused of the timings.


EOs and Delegates waiting for the others to unboard the plane.

On the bus journey to the hotel, you can already the feel of heat in this country. Yes its hot… Arizona is in the southern western part of USA. See map below.

So yeah its hot…

Now let’s talk about the hotel here..

We are bunking in at this hotel called Chaparral Suites Hotel Scottsdale. It is actually like a chalet rather than the normal hotel that we bunk it. Its quite cool. Do see their website and see the pics there.

I have some shots in facebook  but the images in the night scenes are not as nice as in the website..

Interesting facts

As Arizona is near the desert, they encourage us to be environmental friendly and to save as much water as possible.


Internet Speed not the best here..

Neither is the Mobile Connections.

My T-Mobile local line is having No Service most of the time.

Also I think I am among the first to use the Laundry. So for my friends here if you are not too sure how to use the Laundry, here’s a quick video.. 🙂

You need to have a lot of quarters ( coins ).

Washing machinge – $1.25 – 5 quarters – 30 mins spin
Dryer – $1.00 – 4 quarters – 45 mins spin
Detergent – $0.75 – 3 quarters

Updates soon…