Arizona Scottsdale, the Mayor, Entrepreneurs, Sky Song

FadzuliThe US Trip.

The day started early and the good thing about this Hotel/Resort is that breakfast is Buffet Style. Its easier for us Muslims to choose our food and breakfast starts at 6am.

The day started quite early where the delegates are gathered at the hotel lobby at 7am.

The city we are in is very nice and the city is very very clean. Its huge and spacious too. See photo below.

More photos here 

What I didn’t like was that the city was either brown, red or white. I guess these colors works well in the desert..

Sky Song @ Arizona State University

I didn’t know we were at Scottsdale until we are in this Conference full of Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Academicians & Politician @ Sky Song, Arizona State University. All this while I thought we were at Phoenix.

I guess I need to read the papers given to us the day before and not just blog.. ūüôĀ

Based on Wikipedia, Scottsdale is one of the 91 incorporated cities and towns in Arizona and according to the Mayor, Mr Jim Lane, it is also rank the 4th city in America to be a great place to live.

Now back to the Conference.

Wow we were lined up with quite a number of people wanting to present to us what they do. There were people from the Energy sector, Academic sector, Media & Press, Investors , Business Coaches, Manufacturers and a lot more.

Honestly, it was too many of them speaking although I enjoyed this session cos you get to listen to many people share what they do and how they can help us or how we can help them. Its very interesting yet it can be tiring after you listen to the 10th person speak.

EO members if you are reading this, perhaps you can ask ASU to consider sizing down the number of speakers for future talks.. Just too many today.

There were many questions back and forth. Some were very interesting and some I can relate to. I guess out of that many people one resonated with me.. Mr Hamid Shojaee from Axosoft as we are pretty much in the same line.

He’s company develops software and one of the we app that we know is It is similar to

As usual we exchange name cards, exchange greetings and find out a little more from each other through personal handshakes.

Then we head back to the Hotel for Lunch, Solat & another Conference.

Its Friday today but we were not able to go to the nearest mosque because its like 30 mins away and yet we were on a schedule so a group of 6 of us decided to Solat Jemaah together. I was nominated to be Imam today and Housein from Gambia is the Bilal.

For lunch Mr Annibal from Argentina and I decided to share Pizza. The ingredients could be customized, so we got Anchovies or in Malay – Ikan Bilis, Mushrooms and Tomato for that. No other meat.

And so we ordered a large pizza not knowing a large Pizza was really huge.

I packed in a box for the remainders and brought it along to the next session.

Arizona Corporation Commission

As I entered the room, there was this woman already started to talking about Energy consumption. Honestly I can’t remember her name but I know she is from Arizona Corporation Comission which deals with the regulation of energy usage in Arizona.

She mention about this interesting Solar Technology – EnviroMission: Solar Tower which made me take out my laptop and see it on Youtube.. See video

The Solar Tower can produce up to 200 MG Watss of Electricity.

After this talk, we went down to Scottsdale City Hall, where get to meet the Mayor again. Here we were practically just listening and chatting with the Mayor and of course he was really selling the city well.

Great video presentation

No pics from here on..

The day ended at 5pm and we are given our free time to roam around Scottsdale. The shopping areas were just 15 – 20 mins walk from the hotel. So a lot of them went down.

Tomorrow will be another day of the Accelerated Seminar. Looking forward to this. More updates soon.