The Day Begins..

FadzuliThe US Trip.

This is the first official working day for this trip..

All the delegates are gathered early at by 7.45am to take the bus to head out the State Dept office.

State Dept is the US Government Body that initiated and organised this event.

All of us are seated according to the Alphabetical order of our Countries. Starting from Afghanistan from the left of the picture. The man on the bottom right is from World Learning – an organisation that does the programming and logistics for this trip.

Sorry names are not mention because I had not yet got permission to publish their names.

This day was filled with a lot of administrative instructions like what we will go through for the next 20 days a formal introduction of all the delegates to each other..

You will be amazed by some of the achievements of some of these entrepreneurs. There is a young man at 28 years of age who owns a Kebab Biz in Indonesia that have over 700 franchised outlets. Probably I’ll get a video interview of him soon eh?

Then just before lunch, we had a group Photo Taking Session. My camera was not used for this case. Will have to wait for them to send though..

Then we went up level 8 or 10 for Lunch already pre-ordered and prepared by the State Dept.

Every single lunch, meeting is really a Networking opportunity. Here I met a staff from Bloomberg Government.

What’s Bloomberg Goverment? 

Most of you would have heard of Bloomberg right? if not go to Bloomberg Government is a new start up formed just to cover the latest happenings in Governments around the world related to critical financial information.

There isn’t any Halal Food catered. Its either that you eat Fish or Vegetarian Food. Which one do you think I chose?

Anyways while lunching, we got the opportunity to meet Mr Jose W Fernandez, the Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business Affairs. He gave a short speech followed by Q & As.

This was then followed by a Forum by a panel of 4 speaker.

Here we the delegates get the opportunity to trashed out the purpose and objective of this Trip.

To sum it up in a few words.

Entrepreneurship will create Economic Stability and Prosperity in the World.

This is what we actually agreed on.. Will talk about it some other time.

Then we went back to the round table meeting room for more administrative instructions such as our allowances, signing of papers and such.

That wraps up the day.. 

And we went back to the hotel then. Rushdi ( Bruneian delegate ) and I then went to China Town in Washington to look for clothing.. I need a few more shirts and pants so we went to this shopping mall call Macy. It was kind of nice to take the trains and experience washington in a different view.

That’s all folks for now. Will update more soon. Zzzzzz.. More photos are available here. Don’t forget to LIKE my FB fan page.