The Journey Begins – Day 0 (24th September)

FadzuliThe US Trip.

Flight at 6.05am. As usual before we go for any travels, I tend to get my stuff at the last minute. In the evening before flight, I was still collecting/borrowing video cameras and rushing to Mustafa Center to get the missing items. Well all that settled now..

Mum & Dad sent me over to the Singapore Airport at around 3am the next day. We picked up Mak Long ( the eldest sister on Mums side) and headed to Terminal 3 Singapore Airport.

There while checking in the luggage, my fiance and her family arrived. We still had 1 more hour before I could board the plane, so we had sort of a Kopi & Breakfast time together. Simple yet precious family time.

At 5am we part our ways.

Before boarding Flight UA 896.. Its going to be 19 hour flight journey.

First stop… Hong Kong. ( 3 hour flight )

We are just transiting Hong Kong as the plane is picking up new passengers. The flight wasn’t so cramped on this journey from SG to HK and I didn’t really get good seats but I can’t complain do I.. Next time when I fly by myself, I think I need to choose carefully where I am seated.

Here during transit, I met up with the Bruneian delegate, Bro Rushdi El Ibrahim. Bro Rushdi is also technopreneur. His start ups include – a Brunei government link B2B portal where businesses can find out what tenders are available and such. In Singapore its equivalent to GeBIZ.  A serial entrepreneur. At 32 he has already sold off a company that he started and is married with 1.5 kids.. hehe.. Why 1.5?  One more on the way. 🙂

Next stop.. Chicago – O Hare International Airport ( 14 hours flight )

I think this is the longest flight I had ever took . Being trapped in that capsule for a long time can be very tiring. Even though with the Movies being played and music to entertain us, it does get tiring. Occasionally on the plane, you can see people standing up to stretch, to go to the washroom, etc. 14 hour flight is a no joke..

How come the bowels are not coming out.. hehe..

I hate the idea of not have my bowels cleared in the morning. I know someone of you may disagree with me because of the conditions on the plane. But I prefer to let go when nature calls. But cannot leh.. I guess that’s how the food is design on the plane eh so that passengers dont end up shitting on the plane. Hmmmmmm..

First Custom Check Point..

It took a while to clear the custom check point. The Custom Officer was really being thorough with all the papers and such. Quite a few questions being asked such as “How long you will be here”.. “What program you are going through”, etc.

Well after much questioning, I took off to get the luggage which needed to be transferred to the domestic flight. Then from Terminal 5 I took the Train similar to Singapore Sky Train to Terminal one where we went through another customs checking and stuff.

Split up with Bro Rushdi.. 

Our embassy book different flights for us. Bro Rushdi took a different flight to Washington as his flight was towards Dulles Airport, Washington. Mine was heading to Reagan National Airport.

Arrived in Washington, Reagan National Airport

The flight took 90 mins. Short flight on a small yet full domestic flight. Taking UA 202.  Upon arriving there I was surprised as there wasn’t any custom clearing. Hmm. I guess that’s for domestic flights eh.

Arrived in Washington around 7pm Washington Time on 24 Sep 2011. Singapore Time would be around 7am, 25 Sep 2011

Cab to Hotel

Had a friendly cab driver who drove me to the hotel.. Along the way we passed by the Lincoln Monument. I had shot a video with a web cam but that will take a while to transefr. I need a RCA Cable which I forgot to bring.

The hotel was actually quite near. The cab fees – $USD 25 ( Including tips ).

A view of the hotel room.

Dinner @ Kabob House. 

This restaurant was just one street away from us.

Gave them a piece of Singapore. As they had notes and currencies from all over the world hung just around their counters. The Singapore notes wasn’t part of it. So why not eh?

Its a good idea for those who own makan places in Singapore. Probably you could adopt this idea to attract foreigners to your restaurants.

Let’s called it.. “A piece of Something from Around the World.” 

More updates soon..