The White House & EO – Day 5

adminThe US Trip.

Above is an image taken from the Brochures of the White House. We are not able to take any photos in the White House so perhaps this the best that I can show you.

Well we didn’t get to meet the President as like others we were just tourists. I’ve been talking to some of the officers in our group and entrepreneurs from DC. They keep saying that since Sept 11, everything has pretty much changed. Previously vists to the White House did not require any appointments. Now they do. Even submitting the names of people going there way in advance. Security is really tight..

Anyways next… EO

We headed to Jones Day LLP, a huge law firm here in DC. Honestly I have never seen a law firm that has two gigantic buildings. Just one law firm. In Singapore probably you would just see a two storey law firm in a building, but this is really really huge.

The first session introduced to us about this organization called EO – Entrepreneurs Organization. It is actually similar to the Million Dollar Round Table Club in Singapore. To be a member your company revenue sales must be more than $1 million and you must be an owner or founder of at least 1 company.


So we covered a few topics on FORUM.

FORUM – Its not the Online Forum or the usual Forums where 2-3 speakers come and speak to a crown.

FORUM in thier definition is like a Master Mind Group where 7-8 Entrepreneurs come together to share their experiences monthly and through such sharings, people in the group may find answers and solutions to their problems.

I wont go into much details but I can tell you that such Mastermind Groups or Forums really works.

So yeah the 30 of split into 5-6 groups and each group was joined by a local Entrepreneur from DC – ours was Mr Dennis.

The difference about this group and many mastermind groups I know is that, they are very strict on confidentiality. What’s shared in the room, stays in the room.

The day endeded with Mr Sherman Jackson, one of the partners in Jones Day LLP sharing with us about Leadership & Governance.

  • Move your business towards having Board Members, Managers, Workers and finally Share Holders
  •  Emperors’ New Clothes.   He shared about this story and the many lessons to learn as a leader.
  • Fiduciary & Stewardship. At the end of the day, as Entrepreneurs we are meant to serve. Serve who? For you to think about it.

That’s it..

We will be flying of to the Western part of America,  Phoenix Arizona today.. do pray for our safety..  Photos of the day available here.