What Happen.. Where are the updates?

FadzuliThe US Trip.

At this moment while typing this post out, I am at the Los Angeles Airport in the transit are waiting for the plan to Japan, Narita Airport.

You may be wondering what happen to the posts after the last. Like any campaign I ran before, I just lost steam. Perhaps it could be more of a team effort in the future. Instead of just me blogging perhaps a few others could also chip in with their stories.

I will be posting some of events that happen soon in a very random manner.

The next few days will be extremely busy once I touched down to Singapore. Besides recovering from jet legg,

  1. Get a new SIM card. Yes lost it while moving around from San Francisco to New York. Probably I will negotiate a new contract also since mine just ended.
  2. Pay the monthly bills.
  3. Get Dad’s car to be repaired. Yes I scratched before the trip.
  4. Meet the Families..
Regards to Business..

Many ideas and many systems to implement after these 3 weeks. Hence I am just plotting my calendar now towards the end of the year.

There will be 2.5 weeks of Annual Reservist training too. So that will take a little toll on me. So let’s hope December we can recover before the New Year begins.